Autumn- Spray peaches/nectarines at leaf fall to help protect them from leaf curl use a copper based fungicide spray such as Bordeaux, Kocide or
Copper Oxychloride.

June- Spray all trees with Lime Sulphur to prevent over wintering of scale and mites.

July- A second application of copper spray can be applied to peaches/nectarines for the prevention of leaf curl.

August-September- At or just before bud swell, trees must again be sprayed with a copper based spray
for leaf curl. Also a second spray of lime sulphur can be beneficial at this time.

To prevent Brown Rot, spray with Mancozeb at 3-4 week intervals from “shuck fall” (when flower
remnants fall from fruit) until the fruit is harvested. Caution – Mancozeb has a withholding period of
14 days. Triforene may be used as a substitute closer to harvest – withholding period 1 day.

Peaches and plums may be affected by Oriental Fruit Moth during summer. The larvae tunnel down
new shoots, causing leaves to die and go brown. Fruit may also be attacked. Spray with a spinosad based spray such as Success
when first noticed – withholding period is 3 days.

Cherries, pears and plums my be attacked by Pear and Cherry slug. Spray with Sucess when first
noticed – 3 day withholding period. Alternatively, small trees can be dusted with ash from the
fireplace. The ash particles adhere to the skin of the slug and suffocate it.


July- Apples can be sprayed in mid winter and late winter with lime sulphur to prevent powdery mildew and scale.

November- To control codling moth, spray with Lebaycid 30 days after petal fall at 14 day intervals until late December and then 21 day intervals until harvest (withholding period of 7 days ).

Take action against fruit fly when fruit is about half size. Lebaycid may be sprayed at 4 week and 2 weeks before harvest. (withholding period 7 days).


Late winter Spray with lime sulphur to control grape leaf blister mite. Spray with copper based spray
such as Bordeaux, Copper Oxychloride or Kocide to control powdery mildew.

Early spring Spray with copper based spray to control downy mildew.